Words by Samuel Bakowski

Over the last few years I’ve noticed there’s a new vision for men when it comes to style. It used to be that I would see incredibly trendy, smart looking and well-dressed men on the street, then, I would see these same men wearing old t-shirts and sweatpants in the gym or on the field. I always thought: why should we limit style to the streets? I see myself as a sportsman with a passion for style. For me, it’s not just about looking good for one occasion or another; it’s about looking good all the time. It’s my lifestyle.

"I see myself as a sportsman with a passion for style."

These days, the locker room is a place where we exchange ideas about more than what gear we’ve got in our bags. It’s also a place to consult each other about looking good when we walk out the door. When I talk to other athletes we exchange information – and this is essential to Sporty Henri’s vision. From top names to niche brands: style, quality and performance are what’s important to us and I want to help our customers experience this new world of athletic performance fashion. That’s why every piece is hand-picked for our customers.

I count myself lucky because I grew up with style being a focus around me. Fashion has always been important to my family and we’ve always loved clothes – they’re like a uniform for the real world. My grandmother in particular always said to me: “You should always be well dressed because you never know who you might meet down the road.” That stuck with me... Life is short, I believe you need to enjoy it and looking good is a part of that. Men finally have a chance to express who they are – on the pitch, trail, gym or court. Take it! Sports are just the beginning of Sporty Henri.

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