The Four Cities

POC Celebrate Road Cycling Across the Globe

Photography by Marcus Gaab
Words by Samuel Bakowski

POC is an innovative Swedish company that was formed in 2005 to ‘ save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sport athletes and cyclists.’ The idea for the company came into fruition when Stefan Ytterborn, POC CEO and founder, was out ski racing with his children. He explains: “From day one our vision, to offer the best in terms of personal protection, was crystal clear and we wanted to support athlete safety with products of unquestionable quality and relevance.”

A decade on from  POC’s inception, the company have risen from the lowly position of a small newcomer in the industry to one of eminence as a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armour apparel and accessories across multiple extreme sports.

POC’s reputation within the industry is boosted significantly by the expert minds they have engaged to develop the safety and performance elements of their products. By utilising the knowledge of these leading experts and by exploiting all their technical knowledge and experience,  the company have carved a niche for creating lightweight distinctive designs that offer superior protection as a prerequisite.

In 2014 POC took the success they had encountered within the ski industry and applied their formula to the ever-expanding road cycling market. Their first foray into the cycling industry saw the company introduce a new research center, the WATTS Lab, with the objective of ‘optimizing performance and aerodynamics in POC products, allowing the cyclist to go faster while using less energy’. This research led to the introduction of the AVIP - Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection - a cycling range that sought to maximise safety by placing emphasis on these four elements.

This concept was swiftly followed by the Raceday range in 2015, which was developed to optimise and enhance performance for competitive cyclists.

The Fondo Collection

The Fondo Collection is the latest offering from POC to the road cycling industry. POC introduced the range in 2016 to the market.

"Built on the knowledge and experience gained in creating AVIP and Raceday, Fondo places an uncompromising emphasis on fit and comfort to embrace and enhance the passion associated with road cycling. Fondo is a passion for road cycling and a love for the ride".

To celebrate this passion for road cycling across the globe, POC have released four classic cycling jerseys in four distinct colourways. Each colourway represents a location around the world - Napa Valley (pyrite multi-green), Holguin (seaborgium multi-blue), New York (phosphite multi-grey) and Rio de Janeiro (sulfate multi-pink).

The jerseys all provide a snug-fit but are less restrictive in their design than purely race-focused cycling kit. This plays into the concept of cycling for the ‘love of the ride’, by broadening the use of the jersey to daily commutes and longer weekend rides. The jerseys utilise the company’s material technologists, with the fabric offering excellent breathability and the inception of two under-arm vents to remove excess heat from the body.

In addition to the breathability, the stylish addition of different zip details that play on the four location themes adds further Scandinavian luxe to the designs. All of the jerseys feature the traditional three-pocket design on the back, with a strong silicone gripper that wraps around the bottom of the jersey to keep your valuables safe and still. The four jerseys come with matching glove-sets to complete the stylish look.