LA cool meets Paris chic

Henri speaks with APL brand founders Adam & Ryan Goldston

Tell us about the inspiration behind Athletic Propulsion Labs?

Photography and Video by Macassar Production
Words by Samuel Bakowski

Athletic Propulsion Labs was conceptualized behind the premise that there was a gap in the market where amazing technology and great aesthetic intersect. Athletic Propulsion Labs provides the wearer with the ability to perform at their highest level, but also look amazing while doing so. We create products that make wearers run faster and jump higher, but also transition casually from day to night for any activity they partake in.

‘Banned by the NBA’ – quite an achievement! Can you tell us the backstory here?

We met with the NBA in 2010 to discuss having players wear our shoes on court and we presented to them our Load ‘N Launch technology. We discussed the different performance properties of our technology and how average athletes experienced a 1-3.5 inches instant increase in their vertical leap, but the better the athlete, the better the results. Instantly, they began asking questions on what the impact of a technology like Load ‘N Launch could have on the outcome on the NBA season and how wearers could have a competitive advantage over their opponents if they were wearing APL shoes. After months of deliberation, we were notified that our shoes had been banned by the NBA because they provided the wearer with an “undue competitive advantage” over their opponents. When the press release went out on October 19th, 2010, the story became the #1 news story of the day, the #2, 3 and 17 most searched terms on Google and over 1,000,000 articles were posted on us and the NBA ban within 10 days.

We created products that make wears run faster and jump higher, but also transition casually from day to night for any activity they partake in.

Your designs are unique in their use of breakthrough technologies, how do you infuse style without losing this high performance edge?

We create all of our shoes first and foremost with the performance in mind. Whenever we are designing a new silhouette we design around the key performance features that we feel must be incorporated. We strive to create aesthetically beautiful shoes that have the highest performing technologies. We like to compare our shoes to a Ferrari. They create cars that are beautiful in aesthetic, but also have some of the world’s best performing engines. Our shoes look beautiful to the observer (and wearer), but perform at the highest level.

Training togheter hepls you to find the perfect movement.

Sharing the advices at the end of the day.

Can you explain the importance of sport in your lives today?

Sports play a key role in our lives today because of our company, and our enjoyment in life revolves around that. We create products with the athlete in mind and being athletes ourselves, we Athletic.
Propulsion Labs use our personal connection to sports to make products that help the athlete perform at their highest level.

We are delighted to have APL on, what led the decision to choose us as a partner?

At APL, we are very particular about the partners that we choose. We believe that each partner must have a unique positioning within their respective markets and with Sporty Henri, we felt that you were carving out a niche with the sportsman that cares not only about their performance, but their aesthetic as well.

What do you find most interesting about the Sporty Henri concept?

The most interesting part of Sporty Henri is the way that you have taken such a broad category offering and curated it into an amazing collection of the world’s top brands and products.

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